Swimming Pool Construction

At Detam Entreprise Piscine, we offer :

  • Ten year pool warranties
  • 14 years of experience in Périgord Noir
  • Underwater repairs

Construction site operation :

  • Earthworks and excavation
  • Pool foundation
  • Pool wall construction
  • Pool plastering
  • Laying pool felt underlay
  • Installation of pool liner and reinforced membrane
  • Pool terrace construction
Swimming Pool Construction

Advantages of traditional pool construction :

  • Adaptable to different soil types
  • Custom designs
  • Controlled construction phases
  • Compliance with building regulations
  • Ten-year warranty
Swimming Pool Construction

Technical control room installation :

  • Hydraulic pump
  • Electrical box
  • Disinfection systems (chlorine, bromine, salt and UV)
  • Sand and cartridge filtration system
Swimming Pool Construction

Choice of accessories :

  • Robotic pool cleaner
  • Pool enclosures
  • Automatic pool covers
  • Bar covers
  • Pool safety alarms
  • Safety barriers
Swimming Pool Construction

DETAM POOL has 14 years of experience in building, maintenance and providing advice on the use of swimming pools and spas.
Our offices and warehouse are fully equipped for the maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool and spa, as well as peripheral equipment (heater, roller shutter, robot, shower, etc.). We also sell pool accessories.

Our Office

91 Bis Avenue Jean Jaures 24290 MONTIGNAC
 09 70 35 28 62

Opening Hours

Monday: 14h00 to 18h00 (from March to October)
Tuesday to Friday: 9h30 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 18h00
Saturday: 9h30 to 12h00